"Hello, Kal-El. I knew you would one day find out Krypton still lived on... and not in you. I am what ended your planet... and I am now what will end this planet. Then the next. And you will never be able to stop what I have unleashed from the cosmos..."

- Brainiac to Superman


Real Name:

Brain InterActive Construct Mach-1

Appears In:

Superman Lives

Justice League America: Injustice

Superman Destiny


Doug Jones (Body)

Tom Kane (Voice)


Superman LivesEdit

The Kryptonian Interactive Brain Organism was a super-computer created by Jor-El to keep peace on Krypton. Jor-El also made a bunch of guardian drones, which were led by the Interactive Brain Organism. One day, the planet was plagued with war with a planet called Czaria. The Organism felt that he had disgraced its creator by letting war come to the once peacful planet. The Organism decided it was best if the planet was destroyed instead of in the middle of a never-ending war, so he destroyed the planet with a self-destruct virus, which caused everything to fall apart. Jor-El and his rival, the Czarian leader, sons were born at the exact same time the planet came to an end, so the Czarians retreated (is THAT how you spell it?) and Jor-El's son was put in a rocket and sent to a distant planet, where he can grow to his full potential. Later, the Organism's lair, a remaining Kryptonian satelite, crashed on Earth under the Golden Gate Bridge. Lex Luthor's soldier, Rudy Jones, went into the staelite to investigate, and saw a dead Brainiac drone. He walked closer and, when he touched the drone, was infused with Kryptonian power. He was able to absorb people's energy and use it against them. The Organism took the drone as its body spo it could communicate with the Kryptonian "Parasite". He told the Parasite that he was the last Kryptonian thing in existence, so he could help him. Parasite nick-named the Organism "Brainiac", and asked Brainiac about Kryptonians, so Brainiac gave Parasite the knowledge of all everything about Krypton and its inhabitants, when Parasite saw Kal-El and recognized that face. It was Superman! Brainiac asked Parasite who Superman was, when he realized... Kal-El survived! More to be added...