Batman of the Future was a TV show in Gary's DC Cinematic Universe. The series focused around a new Gotham City and the new Batman, Terry McGinnis, on his adventures. 


  • Nicholas Hoult as Terry McGinnis/Batman
  • Jeff Bridges as Bruce Wayne/Batman
  • Zoe Kravitz as Max Gibson
  • Camilla Belle as Dana Tan
  • Meryl Streep as Commisioner Barbara Gordon
  • Richard Gere as Derek Powers/Blight
  • Mary Kate and Ashely Olsen as Dee Dee
  • TBA as Ghoul
  • TBA as Bonk
  • Kevin James as Chucko
  • Frank Welker as Woof and Ace
  • Ryan Reynolds as Harvey Dent/Two-Face/The Judge
  • Wes Bentley as Kal-El/Clark Kent/Superman
  • David Sobolov as Darkseid
  • Ron Perlman as Starro


Season One
Episode # Episode Title Villain
01 Reborn, Part One

The Jokerz

02 Reborn, Part Two The Jokerz
03 Knight Time


04 War of the Enterprises Derek Powers
05 Skyfall Derek Powers
06 No Laughing Matter The Jokerz
07 Blight Blight
08 Order in the Court The Judge (Harvey Dent)
09 Flashback The Joker (flashback)
10 Where Ace Got His Name Royal Flush Gang (flashback)
11 The Metropolis Marvel, Part One Darkseid (android body)
12 The Metropolis Marvel, Part Two Superman (under Starro's control)
13 Radioactive Blight
14 Jokes on You

The Jokerz

15 My Little Secret


16 The Secret's Out, Part One Blight, The Jokerz
17 The Secret's Out, Part Two N/A
18 World's Greatest Heroes The Jokerz
19 Unlimited N/A
20 Laugh Out Loud The Jokerz
21 Save the World, Part One Blight
22 Save the World, Part Two JLU (under Starro's control), Starro
Season Two Episodes
Episode # Episode Title Villain
023 Return to Gotham, Part One Blight
024 Return to Gotham, Part Two Blight
025 Legacy, Part One Talia al Ghul
026 Legacy, Part Two Ra's al Ghul
027 Son of the Bat Damian Wayne
028 Robin Beyond N/A
029 The Bat-Family N/A
030 Rise of Batwoman Dana Tan (Batwoman; under Starro's controll)
031 The Oracle The Jokerz
032 Bat-Family: Batman (Terry McGinnis) The Jokerz (flashback from Reborn)
033 Bat Family: Robin (Damian Wayne) League of Assasians
034 Bat-Family: Batwoman (Dana Tan)


035 Bat-Family: Oracle (Max Gibson) N/A
036 All In the Family N/A
037 Backstory, Part One Deadshot and KGBeast (flashback)
038 Backstory, Part Two Amanda Waller (flashback & current time)
039 Backstory, Part Three Bruce Wayne
040 Intoxicated Bane (flashback)
041 Wake the Dead Solomon Grundy
042 The League N/A
043 Epilogue, Part One Blight, Solomon Grundy
044 Epilogue, Part Two N/A

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