is a 2014 film it will star jerry trainor as terry and ben affleck as bruce wayne other characters actors are 

unkown the plot that blight is turning gothem upside down by hiring other bad guys

cast Edit

  • jerry trainor as terry
  • ben affleck as bruce
  • tba as blight
  • tba as spellbinder
  • tba as mad stan
  • tba as the royal flush gang leader 
  • tba as other flush gang members
  • tba as j man
  • tba as smirk 
  • tba as coe
  • tba as ghoul
  • tba as chuckoo
  • tba as  woof
  • tba has deedee
  • tba as bonk
  • tba as shriek

tba as termanal

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