Batman is a 2015 film based on the DC comic Batman.


The Batman, a street level vigilante with high-tech weaponry, finally meets his match in the form of the Riddler, an elusive criminal mastermind who the Gotham City Police Department has so far failed to find.


  • Wes Bentley as Bruce Wayne/Batman
  • Freddie Highmore as Richard Grayson
  • William H. Macy as Commissioner James Gordon
  • Chloe Grace Moretz as Barbara Gordon
  • Kerry Washington as Selina Kyle
  • Jack Black as Harvey Bullock
  • Ernie Hudson as Gillian B. Loeb
  • Matt Smith as Jeremiah Arkham
  • Jonathan Rhys Myers as Edward Nigma/Riddler
  • Jude Law as Dr. Gaige

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