Batman is the first film in EM's DC Cinematic Universe.

Plot SynopsisEdit

After training with the League of Assassins, Bruce Wayne returns to Gotham City as the heroic Batman, and notorious serial killer, the Joker, discovers his secret identity.


  • Bruce Wayne/Batman

The CEO of Wayne Tech who travels to Japan on a business trip, only to be kidnapped by the ninja clan known as the League of Assassins. Their unnamed and mysterious leader sees potential in Wayne, and trains him as his apprentice. Now a ninja master, Bruce returns to Gotham to protect his city as Batman, the Caped Crusader.

  • Silver St. Cloud

Bruce Wayne's girlfriend and employee who he chooses to be the head of Wayne Tech as he is gone, and when he returns, she is concerned about his Batman idea.

  • Alfred Pennyworth

Bruce's loyal butler who helps him get gadgets and a suit for his Batman identity.

  • The Joker

A mysterious serial killer who discovers the Batman's true identity after breaking into and robbing Wayne Tech.

  • The League of Assassins

The mysterious ninja clan that trained Bruce in Japan.

  • Dick Grayson

The head of security at Wayne Tech. He is best friends with Bruce.

  • Rick Flag

A US general who finds out that Bruce is Batman, and tries to recruit him for Project Justice League.

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