Batman is a 2010 superhero film that serves as the first installment of the DCCUR. It was directed by Sam Mendes, and stars Matt Bomer in the title role, and features an ensemble cast including Timothy Dalton, Julia Voth, Bryan Cranston, Keith David, Alfred Molina, Stephen Lang, James Cromwell, Jackson Hurst, Iwan Rheon, David Harewood, and David Warner.



The film opens up on an airplane arriving at Gotham City International Airport. On the plane is Bruce Wayne, who is looking out of the window with a forlorn look on his face. An opening narration by Bruce then begins: "Gotham City. My hometown. It was once a shining bastion of opportunity.'s Hell on Earth."

The scene then shifts to a flashback to 15 years previously, when Bruce was 10 years old. He and his mother, Martha, are at City Hall, where his father, Thomas, as well as his business partners, Norman Madison and Lucius Fox, are giving a presentation to the mayor as well as the city council, discussing a financial plan to save Gotham City from the crippling recession they'd been in the middle of for the past several years. The mayor commends Thomas and informs him that he and the city council will begin implementing the plan as soon as possible. Thomas smiles and comments that he'd do anything for the people of Gotham. Thomas walks over and hugs both Martha and Bruce, and asks Bruce if he still wants to go to the movies that night. Bruce excitedly says he does.

Present-day Bruce resumes narrating, saying: "My mother and father were shining examples that the good people of Gotham could look up to." The film then shifts back to the present day, where Bruce is walking through the airport, trying to avoid the mob of reporters and photographers. "But you know the old saying: only the good die young, and all the evil lives forever."

Shift back to 15 years ago; 10-year old Bruce and his parents are leaving the Monarch Theatre, with Bruce talking about how great the movie was. Thomas laughs and tells Bruce that he'll get the movie for him when it comes out in stores. At that moment, a mugger accosts the family, holding them at gunpoint and demanding that they hand over their money and valuables. Thomas tries to reason with the man, telling him that he didn't need to do this, because the recession was coming to an end, but the mugger tells Thomas to shut up and just give him the valuables. Thomas calmly takes out his wallet and hands it to the mugger, telling him to take it and leave. The mugger then demands Martha's pearl necklace and calls her a "bitch." This angers Thomas, causing him to throw a punch at the mugger. The mugger panicks and shoots both Thomas and Martha, killing them both. He then turns his gun on Bruce and is about to shoot him, but at the last second, seemingly loses the nerve and runs off into the night.

As Bruce is shown crying beside his now dead parents, present-day Bruce says: "On that night, my childhood ended." Shifts back to the present day where Bruce is shown walking towards a limousine parked in front of the airport. Standing beside the limousine is Alfred Pennyworth, who says, "Welcome home, Master Bruce" with a smile. As Bruce gets in the limo and is being driven home by Alfred, the narration resumes, and Bruce says, "I've spent many years training, and now that I've returned, it's time that I do what someone should have done years ago: rid this city of the evil that claimed my mother and father. There are still good people in Gotham, and they need to know that their city doesn't belong to the corrupt. But I can't reclaim this city as Bruce Wayne. I need to be a symbol....a symbol that criminals will fear. And only then, maybe I'll be able to give this city a future."

The Return of Bruce WayneEdit

Shift to Wayne Manor, where Bruce is discussing his plans to fight crime with Alfred. Alfred looks worried, and asks Bruce if he thinks that's wise. Bruce nods and tells Alfred that Gotham City has been plagued by crime for far too long; the same crime that claimed the lives of his parents, and that it was time someone did something about it, and that it might as well be him. Alfred protests by saying that he was only one person. Bruce gets up and looks out of the nearest window towards Gotham City and reminds Alfred that the Gotham police force was as crooked as they come, and that, if he didn't do something, nobody else would.

Meanwhile, the local news is running a story about Bruce's return to Gotham City. Norman Madison, the Chief Operating Officer of Wayne Enterprises, is seen watching the story on television, and calls his daughter, Julie, and tells her the story. At her apartment, Julie looks startled. Norman asks how she feels, and Julie responds that she's not sure how she feels at the moment. She then looks at a photo of her and Bruce, indicating that they previously dated.

Elsewhere in the city, the news story is playing on television. Businessman Derek Powers is watching, and looks startled, saying, "But he's supposed to be dead!" He then picks up a cell phone and calls an unidentified person, simply saying, "He's back."

Later that day, Bruce is seen meeting with Norman at Wayne Tower discussing his stock options. Norman tells him that, due to the fact that many people thought he was dead, he had effectively been locked out of the company, combined with the fact that several of the other stockholders had abruptly resigned several weeks previously and that the company was losing money. Bruce requests a job with the company at the very least, and Norman tells him that the Special Projects department had an opening, and that he would be Lucius Fox's assistant. Bruce then asks about Julie, and Norman tells him that she had been working steadily for the Gotham City Theatre Company for the past year-and-a-half. Bruce smiles to himself, and appears to be lost in thought.

Bruce is then seen walking with Lucius in the main Special Projects workshop. Lucius is explaining that most of their projects had just been left sitting there doing nothing since the company began tanking. They walk past some kind of protective armor held in a glass case, which Bruce glances at, looking interested. They keep walking and pass a work bench. Bruce goes over to look at it, and sees what appears to be plans for some kind of tank. Lucius sees Bruce looking at it, and explains that it was their most recent project for the U.S. military, and that it was discontinued when Wayne Enterprises lost their military contracts when most of the Board abruptly resigned. Bruce looks interested at the plans, then asks Lucius why the Board resigned. Lucius replies that he has no idea, and replies that he has a feeling that it wasn't good.

Shift to Derek Powers being driven by limo to a shady looking nightclub. He enters the nightclub and asks the bouncer if "he" was in. The bouncer replies that "he" is in his office. Powers noods and heads towards the back of the club, entering a spacious, dimly-lit office. There is someone sitting behind the desk, but he can't be shown because of the dim light. Powers explains that Bruce Wayne has returned. The person behind the desk replied that he'd heard. Powers asks what they should do about him, and the person sitting at the desk replies that, for the time being, they should wait and see what Bruce's intentions are. Powers asks if he's sure, to which the other man replies that he is, and then says, "Don't worry. Wayne Enterprises will be yours soon enough."

Shift to a dingy back-alley, where an older man in a gray business suit is seen running in fear from something. He looks behind him,and it seems that who or whatever was chasing him is gone. He looks relieved, and leans against a wall to catch his breath. Suddenly, an unidentified individual grabs him by the collar of his shirt and says, "Looking for me?" The man is terrified. Suddenly, the man is electrified, and the person who grabbed him lets go of him. The man slumps against the wall, obviously dead.

That same night, Bruce is in his father's old study at Wayne Manor, where he's reading an old newspaper clipping about his parents' murder. Alfred walks in and asks what Bruce is doing. Bruce tells Alfred that tomorrow would be the anniversery of his parents' murder, and asks how much of it he remembers.

We then see a third flashback, where 10-year old Bruce is sitting in a waiting room at the headquarters of the Gotham City Police Department, several hours after his parents' murder. A cop then enters the room and introduces himself as Sergeant James Gordon. He then asks Bruce if he remembers what his parents' killer looked like. Bruce is hesitant to tell him, not wanting to relive any of it, but Gordon tells him that he knows it was unpleasant,but he needed that information so he could track him down and have him face justice. After staying silent for a moment more, Bruce gives Gordon the best description he can remember. Gordon thanks Bruce and starts to leave, but not before Bruce asks him why the killer did what he did. Gordon sighs a heavy sigh, and says that he wish he knew, then comments that there was something wrong with the city. Another cop then enters, and says that Bruce's butler has arrived to get him. Gordon then escorts Bruce out of the station and watches him walk towards Alfred, a sad look on this face. He says once again, to himself, "There's something wrong with this city."

Shift back to present day back at Wayne Manor, where a news story is playing on television about the murder of the man in the gray business suit, which Bruce is watching. The new story identifies the man as Henry Claridge, a former member of the Wayne Enterprises Board of Directors. The news report then goes on to say that the official cause of death was electrocution. Shift to an interview with James Gordon, now a captain and the head of the GCPD's Major Crimes Division who says that he doesn't know how he was electrocuted. Bruce instantly recognizes Gordon, and pulls out a piece of paper and writes Gordon's name on it.

Suddenly, a bat flies through one of the open windows and lands on a bust of Thomas Wayne. Bruce goes over and picks the bat up, and lets it fly back outside. He then looks after it, thinking hard, and has another flashback of when he accidently fell into the caves beneth the manor, and it was swarming with bats. Alfred then suddenly walks into the room, and tries to get Bruce's attention. Bruce slowly turns to face Alfred, and tells him he finally knows how he will make the criminals of Gotham afraid, and says, "I'll become a bat."

Shift to Lucius working in his office at Special Projects, when he gets a call from Bruce. Bruce tells Lucius that he would need his help for a special project he was working on. Lucius asks what the project is, but Bruce says he can't tell him right now, and that he'll be e-mailing Lucius a list of supplies he'll need. They end the call, and sure enough, a few minutes later, an e-mail pops up on the computer screen containing the list of Bruce's supplies. Lucius reads through the list, and looks confused, but interested. Another note at the bottom of the e-mail says that he could just drop the supplies by the manor.

Shift to the cave beneth the manor, where Bruce is shown installing a bank of computers, and a nearby work bench is laden with brand new gadgets. Alfred wanders nearby and sees all of the new tech, and comments that Bruce certainly was profiting from his new job as Lucius Fox's assistant. Bruce agrees, and Alfred asks him if he had any idea where he was going to start for his intended war on crime. Bruce replies that he'll start with the murder of Henry Claridge, as he believes that the way he died suggests that some sort of foul play was involved. Bruce walks over to a glass case, where the same protective armor in the Special Projects workshop is now being held. The camera pans toward the suit, which now has a symbol resembling a bat on the chest.

Batman RisingEdit

At the GCPD headquarters, Captain Gordon is still looking over the files about the Henry Claridge murder. Lieutenant Harvey Bullock, Gordon's right-hand man in charge of the MCD, asks him why he was still looking at the files. Gordon frustratingly tells Bullock that something just didn't add up about the murder, and that, "even in a city as fucked up as Gotham", something felt out of place, partially because Claridge had no crime connections, plus there were no power sources in the alley he was found in, and using electricity-based weapons seemed too methodical for a Gotham City criminal, even for some of the more refined criminals and crime lords. Gillian Loeb, the police commissioner, walks over and tells Gordon that he was obsessing over the case, and that he should go home and get some rest, saying that the murder would probably just lead to a dead end anyway. Gordon reluctantly agrees and leaves. As he does, Loeb returns to his office and, with a nasty smirk, throws the documents in the trash can.

Gordon is then shown at a gas station filling his tank, when he suddenly sees something out of the corner of his eye. He turns around and sees a man in a ski mask sneaking into a nearby alley. Against his better judgment, Gordon follows him. The man joins a group of six men, one of whom is holding a suitcase full of money. The man Gordon followed tells the man with the suitcase that the shipment would be received immediately. Gordon deduces that this is some kind of arms deal. Suddenly, Gordon is grabbed from behind by another thug, and drags him towards the others. The man with the suitcase muses whether or not they should kill him right there or bring him to "the boss." Suddenly, the entire area is filled with thick white smoke. The thug restraining Gordon loses his grip, and Gordon back away from the area. A commotion is heard, and the sounds of blows landing are heard too. As the smoke clears, all of the thugs are unconscious, and standing in the center is Bruce, now wearing the protective armor with added bat motifs. A still startled Gordon asks who he is, to which he simply replies, "I'm Batman", before grappling up a nearby wall and out of sight.

Thirty minutes later, the area is surrounded by police cars, and a still slightly-shaken Gordon is talking to Bullock about what happened. Suddenly, someone calls out to Gordon and Bullock. They return to the alley, where Sergeant Renee Montoya, one of the newest members of the MCD, is leading one of the thugs to a police car, and shows them something on the back of the thug's vest: a crudely-drawn caricature of a penguin. She asks if it means anything to either of them, to which both Gordon and Bullock say it doesn't. Gordon then thinks hard for a minute and says he may know who might know what it means.

Shift to Batman using his grapnel gun to travel across rooftops, apparently looking for something. He then seemingly finds what he is looking for. He contacts Alfred via the headset in his cowl and informs him that he found the alley that Henry Claridge was murdered in. He drops into the alley and scans the area, detecting use of an electric signature in the area. Batman relays the signature to Alfred, who assures Batman that he would be able to detect the signal next time it was used so he could track wherever it was coming from. Batman thanks Alfred, then grapples up and out of the alley.

The next day, footage of what happened in the alley (taken from what appears to be a camera phone) is shown on the news. Though only brief flashes of Batman are seen, enough of him is seen to where he is depicted as "looking like a giant bat." A homeless man is also being interviewed and claims that it was definitely a giant bat and that he saw it jumping across rooftops. Norman is seen watching it in his office, an intrigued look on his face. Lucius is also shown watching it in his office as well, then glances at the now-empty glass case with a smirk (indicating he is aware that Bruce and Batman are one in the same.) Julie is shown watching too, commenting that whoever the Batman is, it's clear that "he's watched one too many horror movies", though she is clearly intrigued by him. Last but not least, Derek Powers is watching the story too, an annoyed look on his face. He picks up his phone and calls the same person he visited in the nightclub, asking him if he's watching the news. The person, who is shown to be in his office, replies that he is, and informs Powers that they need to meet later that night. Powers agrees, and looks down at a list with several names crossed off. One of the crossed-off names is shown to be "Henry Claridge", and the three remaining names are shown to be "Norman Madison", "Lucius Fox", and "Bruce Wayne".

Bruce is shown working in the Batcave, looking at the electric readings recovered from the alley, attempting to find more information about the Henry Claridge murder. As he is doing so, a television monitor that functions as part of the Batcomputer is playing the "giant bat" news story, but after that, the news anchor announces that the Carson Center was showcasing Anton Chekhov's stage play "The Cherry Orchard" and mentions that Julie Madison was in the lead role. Bruce's interest is piqued, and another faraway look appears in his eye.

At City Hall, Mayor Hamilton Hill is showing Harvey Dent, the newly-elected District Attorney, to his new office. Hill congratulates Dent on becoming D.A. and asks if he'll pick up where the last D.A. (who had abruptly resigned for no explored reason) left off. Dent says he will and asks about the previous D.A. Hill nevously replies that he didn't know the circumstances surrounding his resignation and didn't want to concern himself with such petty details. Dent reminds Hill that, as mayor, it was his job to find out about those"petty details". Hill shouts at him to not tell him how to do his job, then comments that he has a lot of work to do before leaving for his office. As Dent enters his office, he finds out that he already has a message on his answering machine. He goes over and listens to it, and it is revealed to be from Captain Gordon. It says, "Hey, it's Jim. I need a favor. It's important."

Protector or Murderer?Edit

That night, "The Cherry Orchard" is being performed at the Carson Center, and Julie is shown to be a very talented actress. When the play ends, the audience gives the cast a standing ovation. When Julie and the rest of the cast give their final bow, Julie spots Bruce in the crowd. Afterwards, as Julie is leaving the dressing room, Bruce is shown outside waiting for her. She seems unsure of what to think about his sudden appearance, and tells him that her father told him he'd returned. Bruce compliments her acting skills, and asks if he could buy her dinner.

They are then shown at a restaurant, when Julie suddenly gets emotional, asking why Bruce broke it off when he did. Bruce tells Julie that it was because of events that were beyond his control. The conversation turns to their on-and-off relationship in high school, where it is revealed that their relationship was rocky at times because Bruce seemed unable to express his emotions and tell her what he really wanted, and frequently didn't "let people in" and pushed people away when they tried to help him, and because of this, at times she felt like she didn't really know Bruce at all. Bruce goes on to explain that the reason for that was because of the murder of his parents, and he goes on to say that he thought about her constantly during his travels. He goes on to apologize for the times he didn't let her in. Julie goes on to say that she stayed with him because he was always willing to stand up for what he believed in. She is then shown having a flashback of when they were in school, of a teenage Bruce seeing a group of kids bullying a younger kid, then going over and fighting off the bullies, and then a teacher pulling Bruce away. Julie says that Bruce was one of the few people she knew that had the guts to do the right thing, even when everyone would just look the other way. Bruce is visibly touched by this statement.

The scene shifts to Bruce walking Julie to her car, promising to call her soon. As Julie drives away, Bruce smiles after her, and suddenly sees something out of the corner of his eye. He turns around and sees that it is a cop running into an alley. Bruce looks suspiciously after the cop, then appears to follow him. The cop is shown heading towards the end of the alley, where a woman flanked by two men are seemingly waiting for him. . The woman tells the cop that, "as promised", the latest shipment of weapons was being delivered, and the cop replies that Commissioner Loeb would pay her employer handsomely. The woman and the two men leave, and the cop starts to leave the alley. However, the cop is suddenly shoved against the nearby brick wall, and it is shown to be Batman who shoved him. Batman demands that the cop tell him who the woman's employer was. The cop assures Batman that he doesn't know, but Batman punches him in the face and demands he tell him. The cop swears that he doesn't know, but goes on to say that her employer had been supplying the GCPD with military-grade weapons for the past year, but that he'd purposely kept his identity under wraps. Batman seems to realize that the cop had no more useful information. He tells the cop to give Loeb a warning that his days as police commissioner were numbered, and he grapples out of the alley. The cop stares after him and starts to leave the alley, but is grabbed and shoved again, by someone else. The person who grabbed him calls the cop a "snitch", but the person speaks in a low and non-discernable voice, though he is clearly male. The cop is electrified, and slumps against the wall, dead. Batman looks back into the alley and sees a human shape running away from the now dead cop, an alarmed look on his face.

The same person who killed the cop is shown meeting a woman at a street corner not far from where the alley was. The woman is shown to be the same woman who met the cop earlier about the weapons shipment. He tells her that the "snitch" was dead, and asks about the "footage". She says that her employer's contact within the GCPD was working on it at that very moment. She then mentions that she had a feeling that the Batman would very soon no longer be a problem.

The scene shifts to the home of Captain Gordon, where he is shown working in his home office. At that moment, the phone rings, and the caller is revealed to be Commissioner Loeb, who tells Gordon to get to the station as quickly as possible. Gordon is then shown arriving at the station, which is in chaos. Gordon asks what's going on, and Montoya tells him that Batman just murdered a cop. Gordon, thunderstruck, asks how she knows that. Commissioner Loeb then calls all the cops to him, showing them a video detailing what happened in the alley earlier in the night, though it has been heavily edited to where it appears Batman kills the cop by electrocuting him somehow. Loeb declares that the video was proof that Batman was behind all the electrocution murders, and that he was assembling a task force specifically to kill him. Gordon reminds Loeb that he needed permission from the mayor's office to use lethal force on a (presumed) civillian, but Loeb assures Gordon that he will have permission by morning. He tells Gordon that he's placing him in charge of the task force.

That morning at City Hall, an aide walks into Mayor Hill's office and tells him that he has a phone call. The caller is revealed to be the man in the nightclub, and Hill is visibly afraid of him. The man tells Hill about Batman's "murder" of the cop, and that he wants him to give the GCPD permission to use lethal force. Hill rebukes and tells the man that he "doesn't want to do this anymore." The man on the other end becomes angry and reminds Hill that it was because of him that he even became mayor in the first place, and he could have him removed from office just as easily. Hill, looking defeated, hangs up, and calls his aide in to announce a press conference.

Chaos in GothamEdit

A TV news report is then shown where Mayor Hill officially declares Batman as a public enemy and gives the GCPD permission to use lethal force. A furious Bruce Wayne is watching the report. Alfred tells him that now that it might be a good idea for him to lay low until the whole incident blows over. Bruce flat out refuses, telling Alfred that the person who was really responsible was still out there and if he didn't find him, he would continue killing. Alfred, clearly worried, asks Bruce what he has to gain from doing this, as the man committing the murders had nothing to do with the murder of his parents. Bruce tells Alfred that this had to do with so much more than the murder of his parents, to which a disbelieving Alfred asks, "Does it really, Master Bruce?" Bruce, clearly angered by the statement, tells him that if he didn't bring justice to Gotham City, nobody else would.

A stressed-looking Norman Madison is shown working in his office at Wayne Tower, looking at the company's plummeting stock numbers, and asks himself how he would ever be able to salvage the company. His secretary then buzzes him and tells him he has a visitor in the conference room. Norman enters and finds Derek Powers standing there. Norman, looking startled, tells Powers that he has a lot of nerve being there. Powers laughs and sarcastically refers to the company's hard times, and gives Norman an offer to buy Wayne Enterprises. Norman angrily tells Powers that he wouldn't sell the company to him if he were the last person on Earth, and orders him to leave. An angry looking Powers then leaves.

Harvey Dent is then shown watching the security footage of Batman "murdering" the cop in his office at City Hall, and under his breath he says that "only an idiot" would believe that the footage was legitimate, and it was obvious that the footage was edited. A knock is then heard on his door, and Dent tells the person to enter. Captain Gordon then enters the office, to which Dent welcomes him warmly. It is revealed for the first time that Gordon and Dent attended criminology classes together at the University of Gotham several years previously. Dent comments that he'd heard about Gordon being appointed as the head of the task force assembled to capture the Batman, and asks if the Batman was the reason he was there. Gordon says "yes and no" and replies that he also knows that Batman didn't really murder the cop and it was obvious to him that the footage was doctored, but there was no way he would be able to counter Commissioner Loeb's orders, so he figured it would be smart to work with him instead, and then he asks him if he got the information he asked for. Dent pulls out several documents and tells him that the penguin caricature had served as the family crest of the Cobblepot family, a noble family that originally came from England and had helped to build up Gotham City during the 1980's. However, during the recession, the Cobblepot family had lost everything and returned to England in disgrace. Gordon, clearly interested, asks if any members of the Cobblepots are still living in Gotham City, to which Dent replies that the last two members of the Cobblepot family who lived in Gotham, two brothers named Oswald and Stanley, died in a gas fire in 2002. Gordon then asks if they had any close friends or business partners. Dent gives him a file, and Gordon reads through, and looks shocked.

Elsewhere in Gotham City, several thugs are standing outside of an abandoned warehouse, talking about a drug deal. Suddenly, Batman comes out of nowhere and starts beating up on them, demanding to know information about the electrocuting murderer, who he is referring to as "the Electrocutioner". None of them have any idea what he is talking about. Batman gets more agressive, until one thug finally breaks and tells Batman that the Electrocutioner was working with "the strong lady", whom Batman is able to figure out is the same woman who met with the dead cop. Batman is next seen returning to the Batcave, attempting to find information on who the woman and her anonymous employer, and also possibly the Electrocutioner, but he comes up with nothing. Alfred then enters the Batcave and tells Bruce that Captain James Gordon was at the manor and had asked to see him. Confused, Bruce asks why, to which Alfred tells him that he didn't say. Bruce changes out of the Batsuit and goes back up into the manor.

Gordon (who is unaware that Batman and Bruce are the same person) introduces himself to Bruce and asks him if he remembers him from the night his parents were murdered, to which Bruce replies that he did. Gordon goes on to explain that the murder of Bruce's parents was the first case he worked in Gotham City after he'd been transferred from Chicago,and that he spent several years after it happened trying to solve it, and though he was able to determine that the murderer was a man named Jerome Jackson, the crime was never properly solved, because Jackson vanished shortly after the crime took place, as though into thin air. Bruce is clearly touched by Gordon's dedication, and asks him if that were the only reason he was here. Gordon shakes his head, and asks him if he knew about the string of murders that had been happening lately, to which Bruce lies and says he doesn't. Gordon tells him that nearly everyone who'd been murdered by electrocution were all former members of the Wayne Enterprises Board of Directors, and that it was likely that he, or possibly Norman Madison and Lucius Fox, might be targeted next. Gordon goes on to tell Bruce the story of the Cobblepot family, and that after their downfall of the Cobblepots, many people who used to work for them became criminals. He also goes on to say that, back in the 80's, a former member of the Wayne Enterprises Board of Directors had been caught selling an experimental nerve gas (that he'd developed behind the other members' backs) and was fired, and that at one point, before working for Wayne Enterprises, worked with the Cobblepot family in owning and operating a string of casinos. Bruce asks who it was, and Gordon tells him Derek Powers.

Later, in the Batcave, Bruce is talking with Alfred about this new information. Bruce works out that, combined with his firing from Wayne Enterprises, combined with his former associates (the Cobblepots) losing everything in the recession would give Powers the motivation to, not only be the one responsible for the Electrocutioner murders, but also responsible for the murder of his parents. Alfred tells Bruce that there is no hard proof that Powers is responsible for all of this, but a determined Bruce says that he will find proof. A beeping sound is then heard coming from the Batcomputer, and Bruce rushes over, noticing that it is indicating that the electric readings from the Electrocutioner have been detected. To his horror, Bruce sees that it is approaching the house of Norman Madison.


Both Norman and Julie are seen eating dinner together, when Norman asks Julie if she had any new feelings about Bruce. Julie tells him that she might be falling for him again. Norman replies by saying that she should just follow her heart, and whatever she did, he would support her. Suddenly, a sound of smashing glass is heard. Both Norman and Julie go to the other room, and see that one of the windows has been broken. Norman looks around cautiously. Suddenly, he is grabbed from behind, and we see the Electrocutioner fully for the first time: he is a thuggish man wearing some kind of high-tech body suit. Julie screams in terror, and the Electrocutioner shoves her down, telling her that if she makes another noise, he'd kill her. He throws Norman down and tells him that he should have "accepted the offer", implying that he worked for Powers. His gloves then light up with electricity, revealing them to be the source of his electricity. He immediately begin electrocuting Norman. Julie is literally too horrified to make any noise. As the Electrocutioner is electrocuting Norman, Batman suddenly leaps through the broken window and pulls him away from Norman. The two begin fighting, taking them out of the house and onto the front lawn. As they fight, the Electrocutioner grabs Batman and shoves him against a nearby wall, and begins electrocuting him. Batman manages to break out of his grip, and fights back, and eventually subdues him. He then demands to know if he was working for Derek Powers. The Electrocutioner just laughs. Batman is about to beat up on him again, when suddenly, he falls to the ground, dead. Batman inspects him, and sees that a bullet was shot thorugh his head. Suddenly, police sirens are heard, and the Madison house is surrounded by police cars. A squadron of cops, lead by Lieutenant Bullock, tells Batman that they were bringing him. They grab him (Batman seems dazed from being electrocuted) and throw him into the back of a prison van, where a cop injects him with what appears to be a tranquilizer. However, the van begins driving in the opposite direction of the police station.

The scene shifts to an unidentified location, where Batman is tied to a chair, and it is evident that he is severely drugged by the tranquilizer. Three are seen surrounding him: one of them is wearing a black and orange mask, one is the same woman who he saw in the alley, but the third is shrouded in shadow. The third person speaks in a Cockney accent, and asks Batman if he's the one who's been "mucking up all my plans." He finally steps out of the shadows, revealing himself to be a short man dressed in a tuxedo. He introduces himself as Oswald Cobblepot, the same man who's been conspiring with Derek Powers. Batman, still drugged, says that he thought Oswald Cobblepot was dead. Cobblepot laughs and tells him that he had his death faked all those years ago because he needed to disappear. He goes on to tell Batman his story, about how his family lost everything during the recession, and how he used his criminal connections to rebuild the Cobblepot family's finances, but his family disowned them because he turned to crime. He goes on to say that the only person who was unaffected by the recession was Thomas Wayne. Cobblepot held him responsible for everything that happened to him, and after Derek Powers came to him wanting revenge for Thomas kicking him out of the company. He responded by having the Waynes killed, and for the longest time, he thought Bruce was killed with them. Cobblepot tells Batman of his intention to finish the job and kill Bruce Wayne. After this, he puts on a pair of brass knuckles and hits Batman several times in the face, then takes Electrocutioner's shock gauntlets and electrocutes him again. Batman then has flashbacks of the night his parents were murdered, and just manages to hear Cobblepot ordering Batman to be dumped off somewhere and left for dead.

Bruce dazedly wakes up, and realizes he is back in the Batcave, his cowl off. Alfred wanders over and tells him he's glad he's finally awake. Bruce asks how and where Alfred found him, to which Alfred replies that he used the Batcomputer's tracker and found him in Crime Alley. Alfred also hands him a note that he says was taped on his body when he found him. It says, "Watch your back, Brucey-boy." Bruce realizes that Cobblepot knows his dual identity. Alfred the goes on to tell Bruce that both Norman Madison and the Electrocutioner (whose real name is revealed to be Lester Buchinsky) were both found dead. Bruce then tells Alfred about everything he learned that night, that Cobblepot was behind the murder of his parents, not Powers, and that because he now knew who he was, he needed to stop him. Alfred replies in saying that he was in no condition to go anywhere, and that he should probably just let the police handle it for now. Bruce responds by saying that he couldn't do that, because the police would do nothing about it. Alfred further protests, telling him that he can't bring his parents back, and gaining vengeance wasn't worth killing himself for. Clearly insulted, Bruce tells Alfred that he was the only thing from keeping injustice from swallowing Gotham City whole, and that he wouldn't rest until the citizens of Gotham could no longer be afraid. Alfred is clearly touched by this statement and asks what he can do to help. Bruce tells him that one of the people who were with Cobblepot was someone in a black and orange mask, and that if he found him, he could get to Cobblepot.

Bruce attends Norman's funeral the next day as a speaker as well as a pallbearer . Afterwards, he goes over to console Julie. Julie then recounts the story of Batman coming to fight off the Electrocutioner, and she knew that he wasn't the thug that the police and the media were portraying him as, but that he was a hero. Julie also goes on to say that Derek Powers was arrested later that night because Captain Gordon and Harvey Dent had uncovered evidence that he was involved in her father's murder.


The scene shifts to the police station, where Powers is shown in a holding cell, looking worried. He calls for Captain Gordon and tells him he'd like to make a deal with him. Gordon asks why, to which Powers responds by saying that things have "gone too far" already. Powers agrees to turn over all information he has about his business dealings, both legal and illegal, as well as information he has on his business partners (which is made obvious to the audience that he is referring to Cobblepot) in exchange for amnesty and entry into the Witness Protection Program. Gordon, clearly tempted by the offer, leaves to call Harvey Dent to ask him for advice. Dent tells him that it was their best lead so far, and that he could pull some strings and talk to his friends at the Thompson Federal Building to get Powers into the Witness Protection Program. Dent tells Gordon to take Powers to City Hall to meet him there.

Back at the station, Gordon tells two other cops to drive Powers to City Hall. They listen to him and escort Powers to a parked police car in front of the station. Gordon, still looking somewhat unsure of the decision he just made, asks Bullock and Montoya how they feel about his decision. They tell him that he did what he felt was best. Suddenly, a massive explosion and several screams are heard. Gordon, Bullock, and Montoya all dart outside and see the police car containing Powers, having just barely started down the street, completely destroyed; it is obvious that the car somehow exploded. On the roof of a building behind the station, the same person in the black and orange mask is seen observing the scene. He then pulls out a phone and tells Mr. Cobblepot that Powers has been taken care of.

Later, at City Hall, an exasperated Gordon is talking with Dent, saying that its clear that whoever Powers was working with had him killed to cover their tracks, and their only lead was now gone. Gordon further tells Dent that his people have yet to find out how exactly the car exploded; so far, their only theory is a car bomb, but they are still not certain that is the reason. Dent turns to Gordon and tells him that it's time for them to work with Batman.

The Knight and the MercenaryEdit

That night, the man in the black and orange mask is meeting with Cobblepot at his club, which is revealed to be called the Iceberg Lounge for the first time. Cobblepot is then telling him that Batman / Bruce Wayne is his last target, and he will leave it up to him how to carry it out. The man leaves. Cobblepot then calls his female assistant, whose name is revealed to be "Lark" for the first time. Lark is leading a group of thugs in attacking another nightclub, called My Alibi. Over the phone, Cobblepot tells her that his "contact" told him that was the last place that Jerome Jackson worked. Lark eventually corners what appears to be the manager of the club, who confesses that Jerome Jackson indeed works there and gives her his address. Lark calls Cobblepot back and tells him Jackson's address, and asks if he wants her to take him out. Cobblepot smiles sinisterly and comments that he has "something special" in mind for Jackson.

Later on in the night, a man (made evident to the audience to be Jackson) is seen arriving at an apartment complex. As he approaches his apartment, he notices the door is slightly ajar. He enters, and is knocked out. When he comes to, he finds himself tied to a chair surrounded by Lark and Cobblepot's henchmen. Lark turns on the television, and Cobblepot is shown in an unidentified location, with a woman and a teenage girl, made evident to be Jackson's wife and daughter. Cobblepot laughs sadistically and asks Jackson if he thought he could just vanish on him when he didn't "get the job done". Cobblepot then walks out of the location, which is revealed to be an abandoned warehouse, pulls out a detonator and presses it, causing the warehouse to explode. Jackson screams in horror, and Cobblepot orders Lark and his henchmen to leave.

Not long after, Jackson is still at his apartment. Clearly depressed, he enters his bedroom and pulls out a gun, placing it under his chin to kill himself. Suddenly, a squadron of cops, lead by Gordon, enters, mentioning that they heard about a disturbance in the area. Gordon sees Jackson about to shoot himself, and manages to talk him out of it. Shift to the police station, where Jackson admits to Gordon that he was indeed the same person who killed Thomas and Martha Wayne. He tells Gordon about Cobblepot, and about how the recession caused him to lose his job (as a security guard at the ACE Chemicals Processing Plant) and how out of desperation he turned to Cobblepot, who made him a hitman. It was after Cobblepot ordered the hit on the Waynes that he felt guilty and fled Gotham City, only returning when they though Cobblepot had vanished. Gordon thanks Jackson for the information and promises to give him full immunity for his past crimes. Commissioner Loeb suddenly walks in and angrily yells at Gordon for "dealing under the table", and he was lucky he didn't kick him out of the force right then and there. Gordon retaliates by saying that Jackson had just told him that he was on the take, and if he fired him, he'd blow the whistle on him. Loeb glares angrily back and walks away.

Meanwhile, in the Batcave, Bruce is going over the security footage of the car explosion. Alfred wanders over and asks what Bruce is doing. Bruce tells him that the official explaination for the explosion was a car bomb, but it seemed too methodical to be a car bomb, so he was studying the footage to try and find the real cause of the explosion. He suddenly spots something, and zooms in on a certain spot of the footage. He notices that what appears to be a bullet streaking towards the car. Bruce theorizes that if he can get ahold of the bullets used, then he could prove that they caused the explosion. Alfred mentions that he saw a news report about a U.S. Senator named William Kane who had been killed in a very similar way several months ago in Star City, but in order to figure out if it was the same for sure, he would either need to obtain the ballistics report, or inspect the car personally. Alfred theorizes that what was left of the car was probably moved to the Gotham junkyard.

The scene shifts to the Gotham junkyard, which is under heavy guard. One guard asks why their patrols were doubled, to which the City believed that the Batman would be snooping nearby. A dark shape is seen dropping into the junkyard, with the guards not noticing. It is indeed revealed to be Batman, who eventually finds the destroyed police car. He sets up a crime scene, and manages to find a bullet casing. A voice nearby says, "I had a feeling I'd find you here." Batman looks up, and sees the man in the black and orange mask. Batman starts to fight him, but the man quickly dodges out of his reach. Batman asks who he is, and the man replies by saying, "Call me.....Deathstroke." Deathstroke then comments that Batman wasn't ready to fight him yet, but he would be soon. Batman tells Deathstroke that he would make him answer dearly for the innocent lives he has taken. Suddenly, gunfire is heard, and Deathstroke escapes. Multiple guards begin running towards Batman, firing at him. Batman throws down a smoke grenade, and under cover of the smoke, grapples out of the junkyard and out of sight. As he is doing so, he observes to himself that only one person could probably figure out where the bullet came from.

Lucius Fox is seen working in his office at Wayne Tower. He hears a knock at his door, and sees Bruce standing there. Lucius comments he knows that Bruce had been busy as Batman. Bruce holds the bullet up to Lucius and asks him to analyze it. They go to his workshop and Lucius begins analyzing the bullet. Lucius manages to discover that it was made out of a strange material known as "Nth Metal" and was manufactured at S.T.A.R. Labs by an old colleague of his: Dr. Silas Stone. Lucius then tells Bruce that he had something for him, and hands him the plans for the tank that he'd been interested in earlier, and that he made some "modifications" to it. Bruce looks at it, and it now resembles the Batmobile.

As Bruce is leaving Wayne Tower, he runs into Julie, who comments that she was arriving at the tower to help clean out her father's office. She tells him that losing her father has made her realize that she was still in love with him, and he tells her the same thing, and they share a romantic kiss. However, as they kiss, Bruce notices Lark out of the corner of his eye watching them from an alley, talking into a communicator. Bruce realizes that Julie isn't safe from Cobblepot, as he is sure to now know of their relationship. Bruce immediately tells Julie to go to Wayne Manor and stay there for the time being. Julie, confused, asks why. Bruce simply tells her to trust him. Julie nods, and leaves.

Putting the Pieces TogetherEdit

The next night, Dr. Silas Stone is seen arriving at the S.T.A.R. Labs facility located in Gotham City. As he heads towards his personal lab on the sixth floor, he notices the door is slightly ajar. He enters with caution, and is suddenly shoved against a nearby wall by Batman, who demands to know why he worked with Deathstroke and Oswald Cobblepot to kill Derek Powers. Stone assures Batman he has no idea what he's talking about, but Batman tells him he knows he created the bullets that were used to kill him. After Batman gets more aggressive, Stone breaks and admits that he did indeed create the bullets, but had no idea that they were used to kill Derek Powers. Stone confesses that a pair of government officials representing something called "Project CADMUS" approached him several months ago and asked him to be apart of a "special weapons project" being commissioned by a newly-formed government agency called Department X, and he was asked to make the bullets and other high-tech weapons for them. Batman believes Stone, and informs him that he was tricked and was not making weapons for the government, but rather for a bunch of criminals. Stone looks horrified, but Batman assures him that he will have his name cleared.

Harvey Dent is then shown at his office at City Hall, looking up tidbits of information on Batman. Suddenly, Deathstroke appears outside of his office window, takes him by surprise, and kidnaps him. Harvey just manages to dial 911 on his cell phone before beng captured. At the Gotham Police Station, Montoya and Bullock inform Gordon that they'd gotten info that Harvey Dent had been kidnapped. Gordon is about to start out before being stopped by Commissioner Loeb, who forcibly tries to stop Gordon from going against him once again. Gordon fights back, telling Loeb that "for once, a Gotham cop is going to act like a REAL cop", before pistol-whipping Loeb over the head and knocking him out, then hand-cuffing him to a nearby chair. He is then shown driving down the street in a police car, with Bullock and Montoya in a separate car behind him and several SWAT squadrons behind them. They arrive at an abandoned warehouse surrounded by Cobblepot's henchmen, who inform the cops if they come any further, Deathstroke would kill Dent. Gordon is pondering what to do, when he hears a voice behind him say, "Let me handle this." Gordon turns around, and sees Batman standing there. Bullock and Montoya advance on Batman, but Gordon orders them to stand down. Gordon says that he may not approve of his vigilante methods, but he felt it was time for them to move past that and work together to achieve a common goal: justice for Gotham.

The Knight and the Mercenary, Part DeuxEdit

In the warehouse, Cobblepot's other henchmen hear a firefight between the others henchmen and SWAT and go out to join them. Deathstroke starts after them as well. Dent is show tied to a chair with a bag over his head. Suddenly, Batman swoops in behind him and starts to untie him. Deathstroke suddenly reappears and begins to fight Batman. Batman leaves Dent and begins fighting Deathstroke, and it soon becomes apparent that they are equally matched. Dent is freed enough to run away while Deathstroke is distracted and meets up with Gordon outside. Gordon asks Dent if he's okay, to which Dent replies that he was a little shaken, but was fine, and that Batman just saved him. Montoya then comes up to Gordon and tells them that a new problem has come up and that there was another disturbance at Wayne Manor.

Inside the warehouse, Deathstroke and Batman's fight has gotten more intense. Deathstroke tries to use his staff, but Batman seizes it and breaks it, so Deathstroke pulls out his sword, but Batman blocks every attempted strike. After a few minutes longer, Batman manages to disarm Deathstroke and shoves him against the nearest wall, demanding to know where he could find Oswald Cobblepot. Deathstroke laughs, and tells him that that was the least of his problems, but he tells him that Cobblepot's hideout was an old cruise ship at the Gotham Docks called The Final Offer. Batman punches Deathstroke, seemingly knocking him out. He then leaves the warehouse and tells Gordon that he was free to take Deathstroke into custody. However, Montoya tells Gordon they have an update on the situation at Wayne Manor, to which Batman, looking stunned, listens intently; a group of Cobblepot henchmen lead by a woman ransacked the manor. Batman then pulls out a remote and pushes a button on it, and minutes later, the Batmobile makes it first full appearance in the movie. Batman gets in the car, and drives off towards the docks, with Gordon, Montoya, and Bullock staring in awe of the Batmobile. Montoya asks if they should follow him, to which he replies they should.

Batman then arrives at the dock, where he manages to locate The Final Offer, which is guarded by Cobblepot's thugs. Batman fights them off and manages to get onto the ship. After searching the ship, he finds, to his horror, Alfred tied up and bloody, with Lark torturing him. Batman fights off Lark agressively, who taunts him while they fight. She seemingly gets the upper hand, and taunts him by saying that after she killed him, she'd kill "that old bastard" too, obviously refering to Alfred. This provokes Batman into being even more agressive, to the point where he knocks her out. Batman frees Alfred and asks him if he's okay, to which Alfred replies that he was fine, but he had more to worry about, as Cobblepot had Julie too, and he had her on the deck.

The Final ShowdownEdit

Batman then rushes onto the deck, where Cobblepot has a terrified Julie completely bound to a chair hung over the water, with a detonator saying that if he pressed the button, bombs would go off and sever the rope holding her chair over the water, she'd be unable to escape and would drown. Cobblepot taunts Batman by saying that he was going to destroy every aspect of his life, from his company to his love, out of revenge because his father ruined his life. Batman immediately charges at Cobblepot, who pulls out an umbrella, which is revealed to contain a miniature firearm. Cobblepot repetedly shoots at Batman, taunting him all the while. Batman then pulls out a Batarang and throws it at his umbrella, disarming him. They then engage in a handfight with Cobblepot, who is a surprisingly good fighter. As they fight, Cobblepot manages to knock off Batman's cowl, revealing him as Bruce Wayne to Julie, who looks shocked. Cobblepot then prepares to press the detonator, but Batman knocks it of his hand, then stomps on it, preventing the bombs from going off. Cobblepot then snaps completely and begins viciously attacking Batman, but Batman fights back, even more viciously, finally managing to subdue Cobblepot. He then picks up Cobblepot's umbrella firearm and aims it at him. Cobblepot, realizing he's lost, tells Bruce to kill him. Julie then gets Bruce's attention, telling him that his father wouldn't want him to become a killer. Bruce thinks about it, and realizes that she's right, and tells Cobblepot that he's not worth it. He throws the umbrella aside, and goes over to free Julie. The scene shifts to a large squadron of cops lead by Gordon arriving at the Gotham docks. Batman, now with his cowl back on, hands Julie over to Gordon and tells him to drive her home. He also tells him that Oswald Cobblepot was unconscious on the Final Offer, and that he has a feeling he'd never be a threat ever again.

The next day, Bruce is sitting with Alfred at the hospital, who is healing from his injuries. A doctor then enters the room and tells them that Alfred is free to go. As they leave, they encounter Julie. Bruce tells Julie that he's sorry that he didn't tell Julie that he was Batman, but he wanted her to be safe. Julie tells him that she knew she had a good reason that she'd fallen in love with him again, and that Batman was the exact thing that Gotham needed. They once again share a romantic kiss, and she promises him that his secret is safe with her.

As Alfred is driving Bruce home by limousine, he tells Bruce that he apologizes for ever doubting his decision to become Batman, and he seconds what Julie says in that he was exactly what Gotham City needed, and that his father would be very proud of him.

The scene shifts to Bruce at Wayne Manor, when suddenly, Captain Gordon arrives and informs him that he'd finally tied off his parents' murder at last, and that the people responsible (Oswald Cobblepot) would no longer be a threat ever again. Bruce then asks about Jerome Jackson. Gordon then thinks for a moment, then lies and tells him that Jackson died in a car crash shortly after he killed his parents. However, the police had obtained some of his belongings, and found a letter from Jackson to Bruce. Bruce reads the letter, and it says: "To Bruce Wayne. If you are reading this letter, then that means I am either dead or imprisoned. By now you must know that I am the one who murdered your parents. I tell you this: I have regretted doing that every day since it happened. I know that doesn't change it, and I don't expect you to forgive me, but please know, if there is anything I wish I could do, it is undo the horrible acts I did that day." As Bruce is reading, Jackson is heard narrating it.

As Jackson is narrating, a montage of scenes is shown: Mayor Hamilton Hill is shown resigning; Commissioner Loeb is shown being arrested and lead into the back of a police car, being removed from his post as commissioner; Jackson himself is shown is being given his old job as a security guard at the processing plant back; Julie is shown looking admirably at a picture of Bruce; Silas Stone is shown getting a pardon; and Bruce is shown fixing up the Batmobile.

Captain Gordon is shown fixing up a searchlight on top of police headquarters with a bat-shaped stencil, then turns it on and points it at the sky. He then hears a voice behind him. It is revealed to be Batman, who comments that he likes the idea. Gordon tells Batman that, even though he, once again, disagrees with some of his methods, his actions over the past few weeks had given Gotham it's first legitimate ray of hope that's its had in decades. He also mentions that even though the captured Cobblepot, Deathstroke escaped, but Batman comments that he had a feeling that they hadn't seen the last of Deathstroke. Gordon also brings up that he hopes that they had sent a message to any and all criminals that crime would no longer be tolerated in Gotham, but Batman comments that he also had a feeling that things were going to escalate farther, and that a storm was coming, and that Gotham needed to be ready when it did. He then tells Gordon that he was "just getting started", then he jumps off the roof and swoops off into the night.

Mid-credits: Deathstroke is seen entering an office building in Blüdhaven, knocking on someone's office door. The person within tells him to enter. The person is shrouded in shadow, and cannot be identified. Deathstroke asks him if he'd heard about Gotham City's newest vigilante, to which the man replies he had, and had, in fact, been doing quite a bit of research on him, and asks him why he wasn't able to finish the job, to which Deathstroke replies that he'd been assigned a new mission. And on top of that, he felt that it would take a more methodical approach to bring him down, and that he was just the man for that. The person steps out of the shadows, revealing himself to The Riddler. He then tells Deathstroke that he was going to Gotham City to finish what Oswald Cobblepot started: the destruction of the Batman.

End-credits: Bruce Wayne is shown arriving from Wayne Tower after a meeting, and is greeted by Alfred. Suddenly, the power starts surging for no apparent reason. Bruce asks Alfred is he knew what was going on, to which Alfred says he has no idea. The lights then go dim, but the television screen flares on, and Alfred sees something shocking on it. Bruce goes over to look, and sees a green-skinned humanoid who says, "Greetings, Planet Earth. My name is Brainiac."


  • Matt Bomer as Batman / Bruce Wayne
  • Timothy Dalton as Alfred Pennyworth
  • Julia Voth as Julie Madison
  • Bryan Cranston as Captain James Gordon
  • Keith David as Lucius Fox
  • Alfred Molina as Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot
  • Stephen Lang as Deathstroke / Slade Wilson
  • James Cromwell as Derek Powers
  • Natalia Tena as Lark
  • Derek Mears as The Electrocutioner / Lester Buchinsky
  • Mark Addy as Lieutenant Harvey Bullock
  • Alice Braga as Sergeant Renee Montoya
  • Brendan Gleeson as Commissioner Gillian B. Loeb
  • Jackson Hurst as Harvey Dent
  • Iwan Rheon as Jerome Jackson
  • Jeffery Combs as Dr. Thomas Wayne
  • Melissa George as Martha Wayne
  • David Harewood as Dr. Silas Stone
  • Gregory Itzin as Mayor Hamilton Hill
  • David Warner as Norman Madison

Michael C. Hall portrays The Riddler during the mid-credits scene, and Christopher Eccleston briefly cameos as Brainiac during the end credits.

Adam West has a cameo as Henry Claridge, and Burt Ward portrays the homeless man who is one of the first people to see Batman.




Easter eggsEdit


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