Batman: Gotham Knight is a 2012 Dc comics film based on the character Batman. It stars Sam Worthington as the title character. This film is also the first film in the Community Dc Cinematic Universe.

Directed By Ben Affleck

Released on May 3rd 2012


Sam Worthington as Bruce Wayne/ The Batman- A Billionaire/ Playboy who is also a vigilantie called The Batman. Sam states that his Batman is already established for Five Years.

Max Charles as young Bruce Wayne

Katie Holmes as Vicki Vale- A reporter who moved from Metropolis to Gotham to report about The Batman.

Hugh Laurie as Alfred Pennyworth- Bruce's friend/butler who knows Bruce's secret as The Batman. Hugh states that his character will be in his 50's and will be a younger take on the character.

Denzell Washington as Lucius Fox- Bruce's friend who supplies his weapons to Bruce.

Bryan Cranston as Captain James Gordon- The cop who trusts The Batman in saving the city.

David Tennant as Edward Nygma/ The Riddler- Thomas Wayne's ex Employee who went crazy and begin leaving riddles during his crimes.


The Film starts where a young Bruce Wayne is asking his mother if they can see a new action movie that is coming out, Martha tells Bruce that maybe they can go some other time. Thomas comes from upstairs and says that we have been inside all day, lets go to the movies. It shifts to after the movie is over, where Bruce, Thomas and Martha leave through the backdoor and sees a guy with very dark clothing, The guy tells Thomas to give him the money, Thomas then gives him the money, The guy says thanks but then shoots Thomas, Martha screams and he shoots her too.

A 37 year old Bruce Wayne awakes from his Nightmare, and learns that a robbery is happening at the bank. Bruce changes into his batsuit and leaves. The Film changes to where a thug tells a lady at the front desk to give him all of the money in the bank, She screams and says please don't kill me, As he is about to shoot her, Batman breaks in and savagely beats up the thugs, and returns the money.

More To Come....

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