This is a Community Universe where anyone can join. So far me and Cartoon44 are the only users for this Universe.


  • Sam Worthington as Bruce Wayne/ The Batman
  • David Giuntoli as Kal-El/ Clark Kent/ Superman
  • Garret Hedlund as Barry Allen/ The Flash
  • Jamie Alaxander as Princess Diana/ Diana Prince/ Wonder Woman
  • Liam Hemsworth as Oliver Queen/ Green Arrow
  • Common as J'onn J'onzz/ John Jones/ Martian Manhunter

Phase One: Justice Rising

Batman: Gotham Knight -2012-Bat24


Batman : Dark Knight -2015-Bat24/ Cartoon44

Green Arrow-2015-Cartoon44

The Flash-2016-Bat24

Wonder Woman-2016- Bat24

Justice League-2017-Bat24/ Cartoon44

Phase Two: Justice Reassembled

Batman: Masked Manhunter-2018- Bat24

Superman 2-2018-Cartoon44

Green Arrow 2-2018-Bat24

The Flash 2-2019-Bat24

Batman: Returns-2021-Bat24

Wonder Woman 2-Currently Unknown-

Martian Manhunter-2022

Justice League: Age Of Savage-2022-Bat24/ Cartoon44

Phase Three

Suicide Squad-2023-Bat24

Superman 3: Doomsday-2023-Cartoon44

The Flash 3: Flashpoint-2024-Bat24

Superman 3: Doomsday Part Two-2024- Cartoon44

Wonder Woman 3-2025-Bat24

Green Arrow 3: Dark Archer-2026-Bat24/ Cartoon44

Batman/ Superman-2027-Bat24/ Cartoon 44

Justice League 3: Civil War Part One- Bat24/ Cartoon44

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