The Flash
Real name Bartholomew Henry Allen
Appeared in The Flash
Universe DCCU
Birth October 6th, 1990
Species Human
  • Justice League
  • CCPD
  • Relatives
  • Iris West-Allen (Wife)
  • Nora and Henry Allen (Parents)
  • Wally West (Nephew and Sidekick)
  • Occupation Forensic Scientist


    Early LifeEdit

    Barry Allen and a Twin Brother were born to Henry and Nora Allen 2 weeks later than their due date, the brother was pronounced stillborn but in fact he was born healthy and given to The Thanes Family in Fallville,Iowa. At a young age Barry was known for being slow and laid back, though the only think he was fast at was reading the latest issues of his hero Jay Garrick

    The FlashEdit

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    Powers and AbilitiesEdit

    • Genius Level Intellect
    • Superhuman Speed
    • Superhuman Agility
    • Superhuman Endurance
    • Hand-to-hand Combat (Advanced)


    • Henry Allen - Father (Incarnated)
    • Nora Allen - Mother
    • Iris West-Allen - Wife
    • Wally West - Nephew,Sidekick
    • Hal Jordan - Good Friend
    • Oliver Queen - Good Friend
    • Jay Garrick - Good Friend
    • Manuel Lago - Good Friend (Incarnated)
    • Bruce Wayne - Friend
    • Clark Kent - Friend
    • Diana Prince - Good friend
    • Carter Hall - Acquaintance


    (2 films)

    (appearance) - Miles Bryson

    (appearance) - Miles Bryson

    Behind the scenesEdit

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