Arrow is a T.v show about Oliver Queen after six years of being stranded on an Island.



Justin Hartley as Oliver Queen/ Green Arrow-22/22

Michael Jai White as John Diggle-21/22

Linda Cartelini as Felicity Smoak-18/22

Harrison Ford as Detective Quinten Lance-19/22

Caity Lotz as Laurel Lance-22/22

Andrew Lincon as Myrlen-17/22

Willia Holand as Thea Queen-22/22


Olivia Munn as Talia Al Ghul-6/22


  1. Oliver Queen returns to Star City after spending Six years on an Island, A Buisnessman named Adam Edge gets attacked by Oliver`s new vigilantie persona Green Arrow.
  2. Green Arrow must go against Deadshot a mercenary hired to kill Thea. John Diggle gets hired by Oliver, and the police issue a warrant for GA`s arrest.
  3. Laurel gets Green Arrow`s help to investigate The Toyman who has a history with the Queen`s. In Flashbacks Oliver wakes up on an Island and is met by an archer.
  4. Oliver needs Felicity Smoak`s help to stop a brand new criminal who begins releasing a virus through a computer.
  5. Oliver battles Merlin a vigilantie who has been murdering Buisnessmen. Quinten asks Laurel if she knows Green Arrow`s idenity.
  6. Aquaman a vigilantie arrives in Star City and begins looking for Oliver since he is the one in charge of Queen Corp. Aquaman and Green Arrow team up to stop Lance Fredrick.
  7. Felicity learns Oliver`s secret while helping him stop Talia Al Ghul from killing from killing Thea.
  8. Bart Allen arrives and goes up against Deathbolt who has attacked Star City, Green Arrow teams up with him.

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