Arrow is a Telivision series that is based on the character Green Arrow. It stars Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen/ The Hood.

It is created by Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim



Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen/ The Hood-23/23

Katie Cassidy as Laurel Lance- 22/23

Paul Blackthorn as Detective Larry Lance-23/23

David Ramsey as John Diggle-23/23

Emily Bett Rickards as Felicity Smoak-20/23

Colin Donell as Tommy Merlyn-21/23


Willia Holland as Thea Queen-15/23

Sandra Bullock as Moria Queen- 15/23

John Barrowman as Malcom Merlyn/ The Dark Archer-19/23

Manu Bennet as Slade Wilson-16/23


  1. Oliver Queen returns to Starling City, after being stranded for Eight years on an Island, Oliver creates the persona of The Hood to take down a criminal who worked for his father. In Flashbacks Oliver awakens on Lian Yu.
  2. Detective Larry Page, issues a manhunt for The Hood, Meanwhile Oliver faces a new criminal. In Flashbacks, Oliver is saved by a stranger in a hood.
  3. Thea and Oliver begin bonding again, John Diggle an ex CIA agent investigates Oliver being The Hood.
  4. Diggle joins Oliver's crusade, Meanwhile a killer named Killer Moth begins targeting police officers.
  5. Tommy decides to tell Oliver that Laurel and him are dating, Oliver as The Hood investigates a criminal who goes by Bane.
  6. Moria is shot by an unknown assasin and Oliver sets out to bring the assasin to justice. Meanwhile Thea introduces Oliver to her new boyfriend, Roy Harper.
  7. Oliver discovers that a vigilantie called The Huntress has been killing people responsible for her father's death, The Hood must stop her from doing something she will regret.
  8. Baron Mathis AKA The Dollmaker captures Laurel and her father Larry, The Hood and Diggle race to save them, Meanwhile The Dark Archer breaks into Queen Corp.
  9. Oliver tries to let go of his Hood persona,but he meets Felicity Smoak a young hacker who finds out his idenity,
  10. The Dark Archer kills Oliver's intended target, The Hood and Dark Archer duel. In Flashbacks Oliver and Shado begin to work together, but they fall in love.
  11. The Huntress reappears and goes after Tommy, thinking he is The Dark Archer, The Hood must stop her.
  12. Diggle learns about an ex C.I.A agent named Eddie Fryers has gone dark, Oliver and Thea go out to dinner.
  13. The Dark Archer attacks Oliver's mother, The Hood partners with Larry and Laurel to catch him.
  14. Detective Lance reluctantly teams up with The Hood to stop a vigilantie called Lock-Up who terrorizes the Glades.
  15. The Hood discovers that a criminal called The Count has been giving people drugs in Starling, Diggle and Oliver argue about becoming a hero for Starling City.
  16. Oliver is told by Diggle to investigate his mother, Moria who he discovers as The Hood to be working for The Dark Archer.
  17. Roy gets The Hood's help on investigating his friends murder, In Flashbacks Oliver, Slade and Shado try to stop an evil scientist, who blows up parts of Lian Yu.
  18. Laurel represents the Sampson family, A killer that has faced her before escapes prison to get his revenge, Felicity locates the killer with The Hood.
  19. China White arrives to take down The Hood, Meanwhile Oliver discovers that he met China years ago.
  20. The Dark Archer is revealed to be Malcom Merlyn, Oliver tells Diggle and Felicity that he can't beat The Dark Archer alone.
  21. Lock-Up teams up with China White who promises him that Starling City will fail, Oliver discovers that Malcom plans to destroy Starling City.
  22. The Hood, Diggle, Felicity unite to prevent Malcom's plan to destroy the city, The Hood persuades Tommy and Detective Lance to help.
  23. The City begins getting destroyed by a Doomsday device, The Hood battles with The Dark Archer again, Tommy is killed, Oliver burns his Hood costume and quits being The Hood.

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