Aquaman is the sixth film in the DC Movies Cinematic Universe.Ryan Gosling is Aquman and Nathon Jones as The Shark.Wes Anderson will direct it is set for Janurary 12th 2017.


  • Ryan Gosling as King Orin-Arthur Curry-Aquaman
  • Nathon Jones as The Shark
  • Benedict Cumberbatch as Prince Orm
  • Robbie Amell as Garth/Tempest
  • Christoph Waltz as Tom Curry
  • Lee Thompson Young as Kaldur"ahm/Aqualad
  • Eva Mendes as Queen Mera


A Fisherman"s JourneyEdit

Tom Curry is sailing the pacific ocean when his wife gives birth to his son whom he names Arthur all is well until Toms wife dies minuets after giving birth.Tom tries to turn the ship around when he scans the map and sees the current is pulling the ship into the Bemuda Triangle.Tom tries to pull out but his ship is pulled down into the water,Tom and Arthur are then lost at sea.Tom wakes up with bandages on him he looks for Arthur but finds a sword on the dresser next to him he takes the sword and runs tackiling gurads looking for soldiers until one knocks him out and brings him to his son.Tom cradels his son when a woman saying she is the Queen of Atlantis found you in dark terirory.Over the next though weeks Tom falls for the Queen who takes the earth name Mary O'Sullivan she then gives birth to Orm.The Queen then has a heart attack and is buried leaving the kingdom to Tom and the kids.When Arthur and Orm are both 18,Tom dies after years on the throne.Arthur or Orin is crowned King.


Nanaue a shark like man begins robbing banks because of people hating his look he then finds out that Atlantis is real and begins his biggest Plot to kill its King.

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