Aquaman: Return to Atlantis is a film in EM's DCCU.

Plot SynopsisEdit

When Arthur Curry, a.k.a Aquaman, returns to Atlantis he discovers that his people assumed he died, and his younger cousin Garth has now become Tempest, the tyrant-like ruler of Atlantis. When Tempest's forces run Aquaman out of Atlantis, he goes to Justice Leaguers Zatanna and Green Arrow for help.


  • Arthur Curry/Aquaman

The former king of Atlantis. Upon his return to his underwater domain, he discovers his younger cousin has replaced him.

  • Garth/Tempest

Aquaman's younger cousin, now known as the king Tempest, who has become a cruel dictator over his people.

  • Zatanna

The magic hero and Justice League hero who assists Aquaman in gaining back the trust of the Atlanteans.

  • Oliver Queen/Green Arrow

The arrow-shooting vigilante who helps Aquaman gain back the trust of the Atlanteans.

  • Rick Flag

The US general and Justice League founder who makes a brief cameo when Aquaman goes to get help from Zatanna and Green Arrow.

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