This is a new Tv show about Aquaman after he became Aquaman.


Armie Hammer as Arthur Curry/ Aquaman

Tom Hiddleston as Ocean Master

Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne/ Batman

Henry Cavill as Clark Kent/ Superman

Kate Mara as Mera

Grant Gustin as Barry Allen/ The Flash


1. King of Alantis became a superhero named Aquaman after his mother Amphirdite turned to crime.

2. He gets hunted by an assasin named Black Manta.

3. Aquaman has to marry someone but his love Mera is captured by Black Jack.

4. Aquaman just got married but then Peter Dudley turned into an Aquabeast.

5. The black Manta returns planning to kill Aquaman for once and for all.

6. A mutant named Lord Shark times to take control of alantis.

7. Aquabeast sides with Amphirdite to steal a powerful gem.

8. Lord Shark returns siding with a villain FROM Gotham named Killer Croc to kill aquaman.

9. A new villain named Ocean Master plans to make an army full of Aquaman villains.

10. While fighting Ocean Master's army Aquaman sides with Black Manta to beat them.

11. Black Manta is about to launch a poison at Alantis. Aquaman must stop him.

12. Aquaman learns that the surface dwellers are causing a war so he decides to stop it.

13. Arthur comes back to the surface world to see his father but agents of ARGUS have captured him.

14. Aquaman teams with Batman when Ocean Master breaks Bane out of prison.

15. Aquaman trains Garth to be his sidekick.

16. Mera is kidnapped by Lex Luthor who Arthur must stop.

17. Aquaman and Garth go after Black Manta when he kills Arthur`s father.

18. Aquaman, Batman and Superman must stop The Joker, Lex and Ocean Master`s Justice Of Doom.

19. Aquaman and Mera have a son. Meanwhile Garth goes up against Aquabeast.

20. Capitan Demo plans to bomb Alantis so Aquaman , Garth, and Batman must stop him.

21. Black Manta plans to kill Arthur Jr. Aquaman figures out Ocean Master is his half brother.

22. Aquaman, Batman, Superman and joined with The Flash must stop Vandal Savage who is taking over the city.

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