Alexander "Lex" Luthor is an American self-made business magnate, astrophysicist and inventor. He is the founder, CEO and CTO of an aerospace manufacturer and space transport services company called LexCorp. Lex Luthor hates Superman because he sees him as an imminent threat to Earth. An "Alien" force invading "His" kingdom. Basically Luthor's views concerning superman are basically the views expressed by Batman in the film, except he is also viewing him through the eyes of "what HE would do" if he had the same powers as Superman, and THAT view absolutely, and justifiably terrifies him, and is his primary motivation to destroy Superman, and maintain the status quo. He also has a personal reason for hating Superman. Superman has these powers that Lex can never have and the love of the people. Lex also has psychological issues because of the abuse he suffered under his foster parents. He was dating Lois Lane at one point.

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