WAfter Watchmen is about years later after the events of Watchmen. In 2017 Dan and Laurie got married and then gave birth to a son and daughter named David and Sara Dreiberg. Then formed a New Watchmen with there son and daughter as Nite Owl III and Silk Spectre III as members. Rorschach II is Frank Kovacs (Walter Korvacs long lost brother) also a member of the team as well. Ozymandias is trying to resurrect Rorschach and The Comedian out of guilt. But he lost all of his resources after the world of what he did.Dr.Manhattan moved to another galaxy creating life named Siploks and a team called The Manhattan Force. David and Laurie sent the New Watchmen to sneak into the White House to talk to President Obama to clear Dr.Manhatttan's name. When they made it inside they talked to to Nixon what happened. But Nixon refused to listen to them.Then suddenly Rorschach II grabbed President Obama's head and then slammed his head on his table. Nite Owl III told Rorschach to stop and let him go. Rorschach let him go. The New Watchmen then ran back to the Owlship. Inside the Owlship,Nite Owl and Rorschach had an argument about how to deal with problems. Then Rorschach brought up the fact his father was too weak to kill Ozymandias when he had the chance. Then Nite Owl uppercut his Rorschach in the face. The Nite Owl and Rorschach had a beat down until Rorschach said he quit.

Back at Dan's house, David and Dan had a talk about what happened to the original Rorschach. The scene cuts to a flashback of Rorschach's death. Dan told that when Rorschach died he died in peace knowing that the truth was out And he still misses him. Then Laurie hugged Dan infront David. Meanwhile at another side of the galaxy, Dr.Manhattan is enjoy his life being with his new species. Suddenly he was thinking of what he did to Rorschach and starting to regret it. So he was able to Rorschach back to life. But when he did it Rorschach had a change of clothes. He wore a dark green hood with a white coat. Rorschach looked at Dr.Manhattan and said WHY DID YOU DO THIS?. Dr.Manhattan responde "I brought you back from the dead." Rorschach looked at him with angered that he killed him. "You killed me allowed me to return a favor" Then he created a blast wave that destroyed the Siploks planet. Dr.Manhattan said"Rorschach what are doing?" Rorschach responded " I'm not Rorschach anymore IT'S SPECTRE! Spectre looked at Dr.Manhattan with hatred. Then teleported to Earth to kill Silk Spectre. Dr Manhattan tried to stop him by reasoning with him.

Eli Snyder as Rorschach II

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